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Take 2: Inglourious Basterds

"You didn't say the goddamn rendezvous was in a fuckin' basement."

I hadn’t seen this since it came out and as with most of Tarantino’s work one remembers the key scenes but forgets just how well he writes. I can’t think of anyone who can keep you riveted through 20-minute long scenes of just dialogue, yet this film flies through its 150 minute runtime as if it were half as long. The film flits between English, French, German and Italian yet...

Quentin Tarantino | Sunday, Jul 23, 2017

Take 2: Sleepwalk With Me

"It's like eating pizza-flavored ice cream, your brain can't even process that level of joy."

Somewhat amusingly it turns out I saw this in 2013 and wrote a whole review on Letterboxd. I have no recollection of it whatsoever. Back then I said: Everything I tend to dislike, is in this film. The ‘quirky’ narration, the ‘real’ guy with issues and his girlfriend who appears to have none, cameos… you name the indie trope, and it’s here. That said, I sort...

Mike Birbiglia, Seth Barrish | Saturday, Jul 22, 2017

Film: Mindhorn

"The Benedict Cumberbatch Backlash has begun."

A washed up actor (Julian Barrett) from an 80s Isle of Man detective show is asked to help the police with a crazed fan wanted for murder. The fan believes the show is real, and will only talk to the main character ‘Mindhorn’. This is a solid comedy that indirectly pokes fun at shows like Bergerac and The Six Million Dollar Man while in many ways sharing a sense of...

Sean Foley | Saturday, Jul 22, 2017

Film: Beauty and the Beast

"There are no such things as beasts, or talking teacups, or magic! But there are wolves, frostbite, and starvation!"

A live-action remake of the 1991 Disney animation. Emma Watson stars as Belle, Dan Stevens as The Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston. This is a particularly clumsy and lifeless entry into the live-action-retelling catalogue. It’s colourful but devoid of intrigue or emotion. The set design reflects this; they clearly spent some real money in getting this film to look great yet somehow the feeling of being on a sound...

Bill Condon | Friday, Jul 21, 2017

Film: Betting on Zero

"The bigger the lie, the easier it is to get away with it."

A documentary following Wall Street trader Bill Ackman, who bets $1bn against ‘Herbalife’ - a US fitness drinks company - on the premise that he believes it to be a pyramid scheme. Although the film focuses on one company, this is one of the better deconstructions on how multi-level marketing as a whole really works; from the people at the top to the people getting screwed at the bottom. You...

Ted Braun | Monday, Jul 10, 2017