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Take 2: Ocean's Eleven

"Oh, that's terrific! It will be nice working with proper villains again."

Nothing brightens up a wet Sunday like watching Clooney & Co do their thing. This probably doesn’t rank as high as Out of Sight for me, but it’s impossible to resist the slick charm of this film. Steven Soderburgh is one of the best directors on there and I’m so glad he’s getting back on the scene this year. And with another heist film! Can’t wait! Don Cheadle has one...

Steven Soderburgh | Saturday, May 20, 2017

Take 2: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

"I'm not in the plane, I'm ON the plane! Open the door!"

I was a bit harsh on this one last time, and I have to say I enjoyed this film quite a lot more than 2015 me seemed to. It’s solid all round and I thought the plot was pretty compelling so god knows what I was banging on about. I also neglected to mention that I am deeply in love with Rebecca Ferguson but alas my somewhat downbeat review...

Christopher McQuarrie | Saturday, May 20, 2017

Take 2: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

"The Secretary is dead. The President has invoked Ghost Protocol."

After JJ Abrams’ impossible rescue mission on this franchise in 2006, Brad Bird gets to direct fourth film in the run. It’s an interesting one; in 2006 the IMF gadgetry seemed like movie magic. One year later the iPhone came out and it set the ball rolling on a whole new world of pocket computers as powerful as full-sized ones and seamless wireless access to the internet from almost anywhere...

Brad Bird | Friday, May 19, 2017

Take 2: Mission: Impossible III

"You can tell a lot about a persons character by how they treat people they don't have to treat well."

JJ Abrams seems to be the man to call when you want to give your dead in the water franchise a kick up the arse and after the dire M:I-2 it’s just what the doctor ordered. Tom Cruise is back in action with the IMF but this time he’s joined by credible villain Philip Seymour Hoffman. You can feel the menace dripping off of him, especially in the Vatican scenes....

JJ Abrams | Friday, May 19, 2017

Take 2: Mission: Impossible 2

"This is not Mission Difficult, Mr. Hunt, it's Mission Impossible."

In for a penny in for a pound. Easily the worst of the franchise, John Woo’s take on the spy thriller is so bad at times that I am genuinely surprised they made a third one six years later. The plot is much simpler than the first film but the headaches come from elsewhere. Noise, fire, cars, explosions, guns, kung-fu… it’s relentless and eventually tedious. The locations are weird too....

John Woo | Friday, May 12, 2017

Take 2: Mission: Impossible

"From this point on... absolute silence!"

Spoilers right from the get go I know the original cast from the TV show weren’t best pleased with this one, especially since the main man Jim Phelps turned out to be a traitor, but I find it hard to dislike De Palma’s work here. He makes it work as an action film while giving it the old-school-spy thriller vibe to set it apart from everything else. I remembered this...

Brian De Palma | Thursday, May 11, 2017

Film: Ghostbusters

"I guess he's going to Queens - he's going to be the third scariest thing on that train."

Every member of the main cast here is a comedian, so why the fuck did they get involved in a remake of Ghostbusters? In Hollywood nothing is sacred I suppose, but it is still surprising that anyone was keen to get on board with this stinker of a script. Then again looking at the budget, it looks like some decent salaries were in play; maybe getting paid a few million...

Paul Feig | Sunday, May 07, 2017