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Take 2: Batman Returns

"You poor guys. Always confusing your pistols with your privates."

This film is mad but brilliant. On the one hand you’ve got DeVito’s Penguin, a man thrown in the sewers as a child who grew up to be a pale, grotesque villain. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, an overlooked and under-loved secretary who gains superpowers after her boss leaves her for dead. And of course Batman, a lonely, wealthy businessman looking to keep Gotham safe. Tim Burton is the perfect director for...

Tim Burton | Sunday, Sep 17, 2017

Film: The Big Sick

"What's my stance on 9/11? Oh um, anti. It was a tragedy, I mean we lost 19 of our best guys."

A comedian (Kumail Nanjiani, playing himself) meets a girl, Emily, after she heckles him at a show (Zoe Kazan) and they both hit it off. She falls into a coma with an unknown illness and he gets to know her parents (Holly Hunter, Ray Romano) for the first time while she’s asleep. Meanwhile, he’s afraid to tell his parents about his girlfriend because they want him to marry a Pakistani...

Michael Showalter | Saturday, Sep 16, 2017

Film: Midnight Run

"I just wanna tell you that I have fear of flying."

A bounty hunter (Robert De Niro) tries to escort a criminal accountant (Charles Grodin) from New York to LA to get his bail paid back and earn a cut of the money. The journey is hampered by the FBI hot on his tail along with the mob, who want the accountant dead. What an inspired pairing. De Niro plays the straight guy with Grodin’s wise-cracking accountant in tow yet they...

Martin Brest | Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017

Take 2: Batman

"Never rub another man's rhubarb."

Well now it seems rude not to watch every single other Batman film for comparison to the 1966 masterpiece. With all the Christopher Nolan and Ben Affleck stuff whirring around, and perhaps the near franchise-ending disaster that was the Clooney Batman, I feel like these Tim Burton/Michael Keaton films have been somewhat forgotten. And yet, this one holds up remarkably well. It’s one part campy fun, two parts disturbing surreal...

Tim Burton | Saturday, Sep 09, 2017

Take 2: Batman

"Holy Bikini Batman!"

I thought I’d only seen this a couple of times but as soon as I heard the music I remembered the battered old VHS we had it on when I was a kid, and I pretty much managed to repeat the whole thing word for word. The campiness gets a bit too much to take but the following still makes me laugh like when I was 10: The bat...

Leslie H. Martinson | Friday, Sep 08, 2017

Take 2: Haywire

"Oh, you shouldn't think of her as being a woman. No, that would be a mistake."

This is far from Soderbergh’s best work but I have a soft spot for it. Gina Carano plays a badass spy for a private agency who slowly finds out she’s the target of a hit by her own company. She kicks ass for 90 minutes just to survive. Carano is not the greatest actress & the plot gets incredibly convoluted when it doesn’t need to, but when the butt-kicking gets...

Steven Soderbergh | Sunday, Aug 20, 2017

Film: Allied

"We are married, why would we laugh?"

A spy (Brad Pitt) lands in WWII Morocco and connects with a female colleague (Marion Cotillard). They pretend to be husband and wife, infiltrate a Nazi dinner party and assassinate the German ambassador. The mission goes well and they decide to go back to London and get married for real. However, one section of the RAF suspects Marion might actually be a Nazi double agent. The plot presents an interesting...

Robert Zemeckis | Saturday, Aug 19, 2017