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Film: Hacksaw Ridge

"I won't touch a rifle sir."

A biopic profiling Desmond Doss, a soldier in WWII who went into the front lines as a medic in Japan without a weapon, on religious grounds. Hacksaw Ridge comprises of two excellently staged battle sequences showing the true horror of war. Comparisons to Saving Private Ryan are apt, at least in a technical sense. The rest is all preachy Hollywood fluff and padding that inspires absolutely nothing in the audience....

Mel Gibson | Friday, Apr 21, 2017

Film: Collateral Beauty

"Just make sure you notice the collateral beauty."

Let me just take you through the absolute shitshow that is Collateral Beauty. There is no simple way to describe the plot, since it is one of the most contrived, poorly thought-out ideas in cinema history. Will Smith plays the charming, inspirational head of a New York advertising firm. This lasts about five minutes until we fast forward a few years to find Smith’s character a husk of his former...

David Frankel | Friday, Apr 21, 2017

Film: A Bigger Splash

"We're all obscene. Everyone's obscene. That's the whole fucking point. We see it and we love each other anyway."

A middle-aged rock star (Tilda Swinton) is on respite in Italy with her boyfriend after losing her voice when an old friend of hers (Ralph Fiennes) turns up out of the blue. What starts out as a gentle character study quickly becomes tedious and overly ponderous. Then, almost as a two fingers to the audience, something actually happens about 90 minutes in when most of us I’m sure are asleep....

Luca Guadagnino | Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017

Film: Free Fire

"What kind of accent is that? I think it's Swiss."

An arms deal in 70s Boston goes south, resulting in a prolonged shoot out. Free Fire pulls off the impressive feat of holding your attention for an hour and a half while being little more than a gun battle and some witty dialogue. The well rounded cast (Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley, Cillian Murphy) help to make it a successful ensemble piece through the constant hail of bullets, I...

Ben Wheatley | Thursday, Apr 06, 2017

Film: Raw

"Why didn't you fight back?!"

A college freshman (freshwoman?) in a French veterinary school is forced to eat raw rabbit kidney as a hazing ritual, in spite of being a vegetarian. She soon finds she has an insatiable thirst for meat, especially human flesh. I can’t decide if I just watched someone’s attempt at a ‘powerful’ message about a young woman’s identity, or a hilarious parody of art house cinema. The fits of laughter in...

Julia Ducournau | Monday, Mar 27, 2017

Film: Get Out

"Man, I told you not to go in that house."

A black guy dating a white girl go away for a weekend to visit her family home out in the countryside. Shit gets weird. It’s extremely important I don’t give anything away here, not because of some daft twist but because sitting back and watching this unfold without any idea of what’s coming is the best course of action. For now I’ll just say that this is the funniest, smartest,...

Jordan Peele | Saturday, Mar 25, 2017

Film: Logan

"This is what life looks like: people love each other."

This review contains spoilers X-Men films have come and gone for the best part of two decades now, including numerous spin-offs and reboots. One thing has remained constant through it all - Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Logan marks the end of the line for our feral friend. I put the spoiler alert up because the slow demise and eventual death of Wolverine is the driving force behind the plot. As Logan’s...

James Mangold | Saturday, Mar 25, 2017